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Gutter Cleaning is Dangerous

Cleaning gutters is a dangerous task which requires the use of ladders.  To most people this is an impossible feat, especially if your home has gutters on a second or third story.  For many of our large homes in Minneapolis, Edina, St. Paul, and beyond we have to use very long ladders.  They are heavy and cumbersome.  Moving the ladders into position requires strength and experience.  When cleaning the gutters on these larger homes we have to continually move the ladder section by section.  Another danger when cleaning gutters is the possibility of contacting power lines with a ladder or your physical body.  This could be fatal and should never be taken lightly.

There are many other dangers that can be avoided by experienced professional gutter cleaners.  Some of these dangers include, walking on roofs, heights, bees nesting in gutters or soffits, uneven footing for ladders, trees and branches in the way.  Be safe, be smart, and call an experienced professional.

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