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Dean did a total re-landscape of my yard in St. Louis Park 2 years ago - and the neighbors still love it! I was presented a plan by Dean with my ideas incorporated into it along with his expertise. The result is wonderful: I have a yard I can really enjoy and be proud of. Dean's wonderful crew of guys were polite and hard working - I miss having them around on a daily basis. It's a good sign when you miss your contractor and his employees at the end of a project! Dean and the guys continue to do smaller projects for me and always are professional, consistent and a real pleasure to do business with. I would recommend Dean Bjorkstrand, Inc. to anyone without hesitation.


Dean and his crew did an excellent job with our extensive Landscaping project. We loved his design. The crew kept our yard clean and were skilled craftsmen that took pride in their work. We recommend them highly. We have used their gutter cleaning and window cleaning services as well. As with the landscaping they were excellent


Dean created a landscape plan that totally enhanced that part of my lawn which is shady. I could never keep grass growing so I gave up and now have a garden of perennials and evergreen foliage which looks sensational! Dean follows through and worked with me to have this wonderful garden within my price parameters. Couldn't be happier!


Dean Bjorkstrand have cleaned our gutters for years now. They have always been reliable and done good work. Very responsive to calls and emails, too.


We always use Dean Bjorkstrand Inc. for gutter cleaning (at least twice a year) and ice dam removal when necessary during the winter. In addition, what impresses me is that Dean makes explicit at the front end what they are doing for you, and then, remarkably compared to other shops, his crew does the work when they say they will do it, and their efforts are helpful and well done. The operation is professional from start to finish, and Dean himself is very responsive should any questions or concern arise. I recommend his services to anyone.


I waited until the last minute to get my gutters cleaned, but that wasn't a problem for Dean and his crew! They did a great job and I'd use them again. I hope to use them for my future landscaping needs - beautiful pictures!


A beautiful garden with carefully-manicured lawn, gorgeous flowers, the sun shining brightly through the leaves of a big tree, and the birds chirping a happy tune—isn’t that a wonderful scene you would love to experience?

Having a beautiful patio, retaining wall, walkway, garden, water feature, or outdoor lighting on your home’s property or your business establishment is easy if you put your trust with Dean Bjorkstrand Inc. A professional landscape design company, Dean Bjorkstrand offers not just a quality landscape installation service but one that accurately embodies your dream garden or hardscaping.

Landscaping at Its Best

Professional landscape design is one thing but really beautiful landscaping is another. To guarantee optimum quality and maximized space, Dean Bjorkstrand works side-by-side with clients in Minneapolis, Edina, and beyond to create a gorgeous landscape design. The company always aims to fulfill the visions and dreams of clients with regard to what their landscaping will look like and, hence, ensure clients’ needs and desires are attended to in every step of the landscaping process.

While it is normal for landscaping companies to have control over the elements to be used in the proposed design , Dean Bjorkstrand believes that the final decisions should be made in collaboration of designer and client. The company offers a plan for a balanced and sustainable creation, but the wishes and visions of the clients will be prioritized.

Step-by-Step Landscaping
Landscaping requires time for creative development and adjustments. At such, Dean Bjorkstrand breaks the process into three simple steps, namely, consultation, design, and landscaping.

The first step is focused on visiting the property you want to undergo landscaping. Comprising of about 30-60 minutes, this is the stage where Dean Bjorkstrand recommends a design concept that will best utilize the natural features of your home and surrounding property. Consultation fees usually range from $75-$125, depending on the scope of the project. Once you approve the concept, the formal proposal will then be created.

Although there are landscaping projects that do not require formal scaled drawings, it is rather common to get one. There are a lot of reasons why a scaled drawing is important for perfect landscaping, but the most important ones are:

  • It provides an accurate representation of what the landscape will look like, the dimension of the property, where patios, retaining walls, plant material and the like will be placed.
  • It offers a concrete idea of how much the overall cost will be and allows you to decide the phases of installation depending on your schedule and budget.

Based on your property and landscape concept, drawing costs will be offered during the consultation. Depending on the complexity, you might be quoted anywhere from $400 to $1200. Fifty percent of the drawing cost will be required before the drawing is created. Once it is completed, the formal scaled drawing will be given to you for approval. If you feel there is anything amiss in the landscaping design, you can ask for a revision. Upon approval of the drawing, the remaining balance will be paid.

Now for the Landscaping
The last step in the landscaping process is the actual construction. If you decide to continue with this step, then you will receive credit equivalent to 5% of the installation cost up to the total cost of your formal scaled drawing.

Schedules of underground utility marking and construction will be discussed with you, and once those are settled, construction will begin. It is recommended that you notify family members and neighbors before the actual days of construction so they can anticipate interruptions that landscaping usually entails.

Once the above three steps are completed, so is your new landscape!